Get out of my house you nasty bug~

My poor baby girls ( age 8 and 14 ) both ,simultaneously started vomiting at 9pm last night.. and never stopped till 9 am! Lets just say I have loads of laundry, floors to mop and nary a wink of sleep to be had! I am so wiped out today, but I still managed to work and hit up the gym for a quick 5.1km run! I was trying to avoid the house at all costs today to keep the virus contained , and prevent further spreading.. so far it’s just me and the boy that have been spared! He is walking around the house with his face wrapped in order to escape the wrath of the flu bug! Everyone knows I cannot get sick, the entire order of this well polished system would collapse if mom got sick! Whoever would cook the meals, clean the floors or do the laundry!!

Plus, mom ain’t getting sick because she is T minus 2 weeks till CUBA!!!