From me… to You!

I do not really pay much attention to this holiday, it seems like it is only about the sales of roses and chocolate? I eat only sugar free gas inducing chocolate, blah.. and I refuse to let any person buy me overpriced flowers when they will be reduced by tomorrow.. Yes I am the girl who goes to the stores the day after Christmas,Halloween and VDay… to get these marked down items!

In honor of this day I will be having a Valentine’s inspired lunch! Ok well not really..

It is Roasted Red Pepper wheat crackers with Roasted RED Pepper and Chipotle hummus… you see the theme.. RED… Baahaa.. that is all I got.. No heart shaped pizzas or cutesy lil cupcakes for this chick..I am sticking to the good stuff!

I hope y’all had a great day and for those of you who received roses and chocolates— Yeah Buddy!