You betcha, she is! It’s time for the annual vacay and this year I am going with a good friend who eats like me and does not drink! Why are you going to an all inclusive resort when you don’t drink or eat much??? Silly question, I get every year from people… Cuz I can!!! I chose to not drink and I will eat my fill of fruit and veggies! So where am I going… Varadero Cuba… beautiful white sand beaches await me! I will be rocking a 2 piece this year even with all my jiggly bits still hanging about, I do not care.. I love the sun and I will be soaking up the vitamin D for 8 glorious days! Pic’s will definitely follow, but no swim suit shots- I promise!

Running has been pretty decent lately… I have been doing between 5 and 5.18km daily and feel ok. Still taking me 35 minutes at a 5.6 mph speed , with small intervals of 6.2( max) ! I will get faster and stronger, patience lil grasshopper!

I must say I am very impressed with my boy, he is in the Tdot (Toronto) today for a concert and texts me this pic

with the caption….LUNCH???

I love my veggie son! He does not have to worry about Mama Bear though, she will be knee deep in veggies too, it is Chinese take out night! Yeah buddy…

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