I really wish I could embellish this one and make it sound all grandiose… but I cannot.. therefore I speak only the truth. Today was better than yesterday, funk is almost gone.. moods are a bit better. Gym was epic again

I figured I would try and snap a pic of today’s run, just so y’all know I actually do it.. making myself accountable. I did 5.14 km in 35 min today and it was ok. I really wish I could go faster, but 5.6mph seems to be my happy speed.
My pouch seems to be a bit grouchy these past 2 days and solids are not sitting too well, but I made these for supper

Oh my, Arnold’s Flat breads with diced tomatoes, garlic,fresh spinach and of course Daiya! The family loved them and I made an awesome side of various veggies in a black bean garlic sauce

I made up for my poor eating with all these veggies, but pouchie did not like them in there! I guess liquids are in my future!Is Hummus a liquid??

Tonight I hope to catch up on my PVR’d shows and early to bed, I have another big day of running in the am!

Sorry for the very boring update! lol