No No , don’t worry.. I am not eating a 5 year old… The story goes like so, I had every intention of coming home and preparing an awesome veggie feast ..that is until I got in the door. Effort was at an all time low. I made the omnivore children my famous pre packaged meatballs avec gravy..( my french) and matching fries… lazy ass moment.. I feel bad, I know it is Meatless Monday and I do partake usually for the kidlets, but I was and am ,in a funk right now.. Not too sure why, I had a great run but I am just bored! I need to stay where I am actually going with this pathetic story is that I ate like a 5 year old tonight.. I consumed this

Not a lick of green stuff anywhere??? No veggies, nothing fresh – not even a darn banana on it! Shame on you Inkdgirl! I must admit though, I did eat some crackers with hummus prior to this.. So I was not to hungry.. But honest to Pete, what a sad sad plate of processed awfulness. I think 1 of these will be on the menu in the morning

A green monster smoothie! I Promise… again