I was mad rushed to get out of the house today, post run and needed something for lunch… this guy made it into my purse! 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guacamole… really? I bought these at my local Walmart for $1, for a 4 pack.. are you even freakin kidding me… I had some tostitos in my desk drawer so I was all set for lunch! I could not have been happier, but I wished I grabbed 2 packs because the 1 was not enough! I am still famished… good thing I also keep a drawer full of these

I really wish the salad I left in the office fridge from last week was not brown, but it was so I am eating these 2 items for my lunch.. I will make up for it at supper tonight , I promise!

Running side note.. today was awesome… I ran 5.15km at a 5.6 speed for 35 minutes.. I was quite pleased with myself.. I never slowed the pace at all during the run , I even went up to a 6 in the final 2 minutes just to ensure that I reached my 5km… I felt great afterwards and recovered with a GNC Whey Kool protein shake! So far this week is looking awesome!

Oh yeah , I might add that the GIANTS did indeed win the Superbowl…. my prediction was right… again … for the 5th solid year in a row! Why am I not a Vegas bookie???
P.S. I made no money off that win… dammit!