Yes I know it is Superbowl weekend, but none of my teams are in it so I really do not care who wins! So I went to my favourite spot Chapter’s and picked up, on recommendation, Eating Animals.. and True Food.. because it was $5.99.. my other mag’s came in the mail! You know my love affair with food doc’s, but I also consume books at an alarming rate! I love to read and I will read anything you put in front of me, except a math book of course! So I started Eating Animals last night and I was so mad because I did not want to put it down but my darn eyes would not stay awake! I will finish this book this weekend..

I am going on a hunt for Daiya cheese today, I will become Vegan… I just need to conquer cheese, my all time fav thing in this world! I have a really hard time not loving it, so I will get some Daiya and experiment, kids are already hiding!
I will keep you posted on my progress , I am also going to make some tofu recipes that I have found online through the various Vegan sites.. I want to become a believer in Tofu.. I really do!