New Day, New Month, New GOALS!!!

It is a picture perfect day here in  Ontario Canada! The sun is shining and it is plus 8 degrees already, melt snow melt! I feel amazing today and I am setting my February goals, as far as running goes- I would like to see 70 miles this month but I do not want to overdo it so I will be quite satisfied with 65!
I am trying not to focus on the scale as much this month, it has a tendancy to go up and down at any moment? I am currently sitting at 156lbs with a total loss of 128lbs, I want 2 more gone this month to get me an even 130lbs dropped!

Here’s how I am going to do it

No more bad carbs! This is my breakfast of champions, what the heck are those horrendous ball things you ask? They are my protein energy balls, check em out a few posts ago.. they rock! I am also going to eat way more fruit and way more veg.. less pasta and less crackers!

I’ll be hitting up the gym this afternoon for my first run of the month, but I am thinking that some outdoor runs maybe in my future if the weather stays this awesome!

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