Ok so I said yesterday that I will try to get the stupid carb monster gone today, but it was a FAIL! I still believe my brain needs them, waiting for anyone to tell me I am right. I started the day with a nice hot tea, went to the gym and ran 3.02 miles, drank my GNC WHEY KOOL protein then came home and had a toasted english muffin with Earth Balance. CARBS! So I already knew they day was going to be a bust , so I got this for lunch

Oh yes I did, a beautiful 6in veggie delight on whole wheat… My brain says Thank You Inkdgirl……I am going to extra good tonight and for the balance of the day. Fruit and veggies.. no more carbs! Yeah, whatever!

Tomorrow is the last day of January and I can tally up my miles run for the month! As you all know I was shooting for 50, but I blew that away last week, let’s see if we can break 60 miles!

Run Inkdgirl Run!!!!!