There is always that one day a week when it’s spaghetti night! Tonight it was ours. I decided to pull the fake out and make a giant crockpot full of faux meat sauce, turns out… nobody noticed! Yeah buddy…. epic win for Inkdgirl!

Here’s my spaghetti for dummies recipe!
2 packages of Yves veggie ground round Italian
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can Spaghetti Sauce, make sure there is no meat in it!
diced onions
diced peppers
minced garlic, about a teaspoon and Italian seasoning
my secret ingredient—– cinnamon! just a few shakes, trust me this makes the sauce!

Cook er up in the crock all day long and you are good to go!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Now onto today’s sh*tshow! I decided to rearrange my furniture, not a shocker I do it weekly, and as I moved the couch this is what I found under it

BAHAAAAA!!!! I freakin hate mice… it was dead but I screamed like a bloody 4 year old girl… I got the broom and threw that mouse out.. but here’s the kicker.. I own 3 cats! Why Do I Have MICE??? Clearly my cats are dumb and really really sh*tty hunters! After I calmed down I went to the gym seeing as my endorphins were on high alert!

Gym was kinda blah.. I only ran 2.72 miles today in 32 minutes… at least I ran.. more than those schlepping it on the couch I guess! I did a quick and dirty arm workout and I felt alive after that… now lets see if I can stay awake after 830pm.. past 2 days… I have not! Thank god for PVR!

Ciao peeps!