No posts since Wednesday? That is odd , but all is good and I am fine! I have been quite a busy beaver, I have moved offices at work and that was a process and it is our Town’s annual old timer’s hockey tournament weekend. This means I’ve been freezing my butt off in the rink all weekend! Last night was the big arena dance and I stayed up way too late for my liking. Today I sound like a trucker who smoked 1800 cigarettes, but it’s ok I do not smoke it was just from yelling at peeps all night!

My eating this weekend has be atrocious! I have done little of it and it hasn’t been very plant based! I don’t think arena popcorn or fries are considered plants? However, my water intake was off the charts! I do not drink alcohol so I sipped away at water all weekend and that was awesome!

Exercise wise, there was no gym for me since Thurs, but I have been lugging beer cases and dancing my pants off so I am counting it~

Hope y’all had a great weekend!