Nice heading eh, but how else can I describe my eats for the day! I am not going to lie either, but it was a carb heavy day and I am cool with that! For the amount of running I am doing, I earned it! This is a day in the life of Inkdgirl’s belly/pouch!

Breakfast- TEA
Workout/Run = GNC Whey Cool Protein Drink
Post work out- 2 graham crackers ( bad but I was rushed getting into the office) and another TEA

Yummo! The boy made this for supper last night and KUDOS to him for it! Whole Wheat spaghetini with diced tomatoes,celery,spinach,onions and minced garlic!
Afternoon snack – Cashew Larabar… love love love Larabar’s ( shameless plug)
Supper- Enter heavenly goodness

Whole wheat tortilla with brown rice, diced tomatoes,6 bean mix,taco seasoning,onions and red peppers.. with a dollop or 3 of light sour cream ( I am not vegan yet)
then I snacked on these for the rest of the night, well ok I had 2

Yves veggie dog rolled up in a reduced fat crescent roll!

Can you say CARBOLOADING!!!! No I am not racing in the am or PMSing, I just wanted to eat shamelessly today, so I did!
Hope you enjoy looking at all these horrible carbs, completely non clean eating day… but hey it is still better than chocolate bars and chips, RIGHT?