Yes, yes I did.. found a nice quiet spot in my office and watched Food Matters…. and loved it! I am now mad frantically searching for more vitamins to pump into my body! I think I am becoming slighty obsessed with our human form and how to heal and grow it responsibly! I am so amazed at the science behind our bodies and how simple Vitamin C and Niacin can be, to actually heal us! As a WLS patient I am very diligent on getting my Multi’s, Calcium Citrate and Vitamin D, but I am now going to add so much more to it because I cannot hurt it! If you get a chance, watch it and check out Food Inc and Forks Over Knives too!

Now onto mourning, why you so sad Inkdgirl? Well, my football season is over! Saints and Packers are out! SAD FACE!

But, moving on cuz that’s how I roll! Or Run?
On that note, the challenge is still on for my 50 miles in January and I am so impressed with my results thus far, running on average 3 miles a day 5 days a week!

Feeling good, loving life and moving along!