Yes every once in awhile I need something sweet, usually it is a mix of sweet and salty I crave but then there are those dreaded I need cheesecake days! This solves my problem

Looks hideous, but tastes like heaven! What is it you ask???
2 Graham crackers
spread of light plain cream cheese
followed by sugar free jam, your choice.. mine was a mixed berry

EAT! I have yet to Myfitnesspal this bad boy but I am confident it does not equal an actual piece of cheesecake…. if it does…..SHOOT ME NOW!!!


2 comments on “Inkdgirl eats CHEESECAKE!!! ( sort of )”

  1. Yum! (you meant creamcheese, yes?)For "snack nite" at work I used to bring a tub of no fat, or lite Cool Whip, and plain bread sticks. Just dip the bread stick in the cool whip and it tastes like a cream puff! Well, maybe just to me. 😉

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