According to Mapmyrun I am sitting at 25.8 miles ran in the past 2 weeks with 5.25 hrs run and a calorie burn of 2811. I need to get an HRM asap so that I get a true count on those calories! It’s on the list of things to buy.. with about 900 other items! So, this leaves me with 25 more miles to go , to achieve success! This is one challenge I feel quite confident I can conquer! I feel awesome running 5 days straight, so far. I did notice that the injured knee from way back in June started to feel iffy today, but it went away! Also, today I almost made 5km in 35 min, I ran 4.8, frustrating as hell! I had my mind on other things this am. My to do list and hair appt! Girls…

I must say though that the boy brought home the most phenomenal vegetable lasagna from work last night and I destroyed it! Yummo! I was also made aware that the Breville juicer I want is on sale at Future Shop this week for $185 , down from $250! Must go!

We are currently experiencing our first winter storm here in Canada, Ontario to be more precise and it is a good one!

Must leave, patiently waiting to buy my presale Nickelback tickets at 5pm…. pretty please let me get some!!!

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