Totally bailed on the green smoothie detox!

Go figure, I definitely called that one! I like to chew peeps, I need to eat! I think that because I only consume small amounts of food as it is, I sure do miss it when I delete it from my diet! I am still completely a veggie girl though, let’s not get crazy here! The boy is even not liking the detox and is coming over to the veggie side with mama! I’m so proud! He is getting addicted to the documentaries as well. Pretty soon I will have converted them all! Conquer!

My goal to start P90X is still on hold due to the old ab muscles issues, but I have set up a personal challenge to run 50 miles this month, which breaks down to 12.5 a week ( yes I used a calculator!) Last week I only managed 11.57 miles so I need to catch up. I cannot seem to put in 3.1miles in a run lately. It is really pissing me off too! Today I ran 2.77 and it was pathetic. I need to refocus, possibly slow my pace and get better at breathing. I will re read all my Runner’s World mag’s tonight to get myself in a better state!

On a work note, I have partnered up with my past partner and we are back as the dynamic duo that we once were. We are ready to take on the Real Estate spring market and conquer! (word of the day) So there maybe days when my posts get scattered and I ramble more than usual, but don’t worry, there will always be useless facts from Inkdgirl!

Have an awesome night, Intervention is on and if I feel like a complete loser I may even watch The Bachelor!

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