So I slept like a rock last night, thank you all pharmaceutical companies, and woke this am feeling kinda normal.
Started my day with a tea and donut, yes really I did! Then decided if I am upright, I should be running! So of to the gym I go and what a freakin zoo.. Newbie central! That is fine, I’m all for gym memberships and kudos to those who stick with it! I actually liked that there were more older people than young, you go Gramma!
So Inkdgirl ran, and it felt so good, but stupid treadmill shuts down at 35 minutes and I was at 2.95 miles, seriously I need 3.1 miles( that’s my 5km) .. oh well one of these days I will run that 5km in under 35 min..
I had some quiet time this afternoon and decided to watch yet another documentary (slight addiction)
Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead…. what an awesome movie! LOVED IT!! Catch it if you can ,it is life changing..Let me just say I am getting me a juicer ASAP!!

So, seeing as I do not currently own a juicer , I needed to actually cook tonight and this was on the menu!

Yves Veggie Ground Round Lasagna!

I know, I know Inkdgirl hates fake meat, and I do, but I think it maybe growing on me. But seriously, when you slather on this much parm, sauce and mozza you know it will be delish! However, I do not think that after being sick for 3 days this was a wise meal choice and my poor lil tummy told me after I gobbled it up! Oh well I needed some nutrition anyways. It is still better than a cookie.