Well, see ya later 2011.. it has been a blast, NOT… I am so very happy to say good bye to this past year as it was probably one of the most trying years I have endured. Two major surgeries done, work issues and just plain old BS. Done, over with.

I will have a much better year this year, I can feel it. I am stronger, healthier and more positive about future career decisions.
I did not start this year out well though,I have been ill since Fri eve and today is the worst day yet! Boooo!
My kiddies are of to Gramma’s for a big feast and I will stay put on the couch, curled up watching football! Not a bad trade off!

I made up some sweet potatoe fries today hoping to try and get some nutrition into this machine of a body! It seems to only want tea though. I am sure my scale will show me some great numbers, but I know they will be false results due to my lack of eating!

Here is hoping everyone has a healthy, happy blissful New Year !

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