These guys are so good, even though they look like lil drops of poo! Trust me , you will like! I’ve been making these for years and have never had anyone complain that they weren’t good. They are so simple too, recipe provided, now remember, I do not measure anything. It’s a pinch of this a smidge of this kinda recipe.

Here goes!

2 containers of big mushrooms
breadcrumbs –apprx 3/4 cup
calorie wise zesty Italian salad dressing–apprx 1/4 cup
Parmesan cheese apprx 1/2 cup

ok, DE-Stem ( is that a word) mushrooms and cut up all stems into a bowl-set aside caps
add breadcrumbs to stems, add Parmesan cheese then mix in salad dressing… now here’s the crazy part, I just mix it together until I get a mushy consistency.. but not over wet

then stuff this back into the caps..
put a small amount of water in a pyrex dish, just so the bottoms of the mushrooms are wet

bake for 20 min at 350.. you are done… I like to take mine out of the water bath and put on a cookie sheet to harden them up a bit.

Serve with light Caesar or Ranch Dressing


A Happy New Year’s App, from me , to you!

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