Can’t say I was not excited to go today, because I really truly was! I was very afraid though that I would not be able to get my 5km run in, due to my piss poor eating habits this past week. I was sure that my cookie overload would have prevented a successful run, but it did not. I completed my 5km in 37 min and that is with my warm up and cool down time included! That is my best time yet and I am finding that once I get to the 28 min mark I just wanna increase my pace and go! I am running now very comfortably at a 1% incline and keeping the speed at 5.6-5.7.. I do bump it up to 6mph when I’m trying to finish, my sprint lol. I fiqured since I burned 333 calories I deserve a trip to Starbucks, seriously, I do not need an excuse to go there! They were all out of Earl Grey tea , so I chose a Joy Tea Latte(a Christmas Tea) and it was awesome! I battled the mall with mini diva, she had some gift cards burning a hole in her pocket, that place was a zoo and I was most ready to get outta there.

A successful day and I am hoping to repeat it again tomorrow! I am currently working on making some big changes in the New Year, career wise and I am quite excited for the change. I will enlighten you all once the plan is in motion. Too early to discuss as I do not want to jinx it, but you will be the first to know.

Cheers to y’all and try to rest up, we have 1 more holiday to get through.