OMG, Inkdgirl is starting to second guess herself and this is never good. Did I get enough gifts for each child, do I have enough food, is one child going to be happier than the other? This kinda thinking makes me worry, then enters Mini Diva to bring me back to reality.. She says to me “Mommy, Christmas isn’t about the presents, cuz what if Mary never had Baby Jesus, there would be no Christmas” (HER WORDS) .. My heart melted at this and I thought to myself, I did a good job on this child, but, as she left the room she did state ” I sure hope I get a FIDGET for Christmas though”.. and we are brought back to reality in a flash! Kids! So my other children have eaten half of my “Baking” and I need to re-stock on the essentials for Xmas eve and Day , so off to the store I went. Thank god for those people who bake and package goodies so lovely, they are my saviour! I must say I have been very very good at NOT eating these regardless of how AWESOME they look!

Today my Broker hosted our annual Chinese Christmas Luncheon and it was fantastic! I swear they brought out a 100 plates of food! It was crazy! Lucky for me, my coworker is a fellow Veggie Girl and we definitely ate our fair share of the broccoli,mushrooms,bok choy and pretty much every other vegetable there is! Stuffed! So I can say that I did not eat poorly and I followed my plan! I will not gain over the holidays.

Rest day from the gym today, thank god because I realized when brushing my hair today that I had biceps! Only because lifting my arms above my head hurt like Hell! I also realized that I have hamstrings today, they hurt too! This is a kind of hurt I like though, that way I know I did something and my muscles are thanking me for it!
So now I will go and try and recalculate in my head all the pre wrapped gifts and ensure that everyone is looked after! And yes, FIDGET is under the tree! 🙂