Not that I need anything new to obsess on, but I’m addicted to this site! I am pinning everything from quotes, to recipes, to photography! Love it and have now turned my daughter onto it, yikes, I may have created a monster! For those of you who have never visited it, I highly recommend googling it, and remember you need to be invited to be a user! Just sign up and you will be placed on a wait list, then you will be added! Amazing things will then happen to you! You will be pinning inspirational quotes like this

I am a bit of an obsessive person and the other obsession of the week is Red Pepper Jelly, on a Vinta cracker which has been spread with light cream cheese… This has been my main meal for about the last 5 meals! It has too be good for you, (making myself believe that!).. Also obsessing on deep fried zucchini sticks, now that is is still good for you, it’s a VEGETABLE – right? Oh well, if I eat like this I’m ok with it, it could be worse like brownies and Christmas cakes/cookies! Here are my lil sticks all bathed in oil

Yummoo, I know! I’m still not gaining any weight and working out hard so I will work these calories off, tomorrow. My gym/running buddy has left me today to spend the holidays in Paradise with her famjam, insert SADFACE, but I promised to her that I will keep up my end of the running! Tomorrow! LOL

As you all know, I love tattoo’s and had plans for my next one to be a rib tat. That is still the plan, however, I have changed it up. I had a originally planned an awesome guitar tat, which I will still get, but know I’m getting a phrase that I fell in love with. Yes, I found it on PINTEREST. I’ve just perfected the font… I will post a pic once I’m ink’d!

Ciao peeps