Today was Mini Diva’s 8th birthday party! Her actual birthday is the 22nd, poor kid! However, she still believes her birthday is a week long event. I took it upon myself to BUILD a wonderful cake for this event seeing as you all know that Inkdgirl does not BAKE, remember that whole bean brownie thing! This is what transpired above! Oh yeah, Red Velvet Cupcakes and Blueberry Cupcakes! It was a hit with the kids , I did not indulge seeing as each one weighed in at 500 cal and 36g sugar! Did not feel like going into a sugar coma for these! What I did learn today was, I would never ever be a teacher! I applaud all teachers out there, I only had 6 eight year olds and it was KAOS~ for sure! One fight, a few frowns and LOUD!!!! OMG, I like my peace and quiet on a good day and this was not the day for it! 2 are sleeping over and I’m praying for a chip party with a movie,that should keep them quiet right?If not, Inkdgirl may find herself inching her way towards the vodka bottle! (Kidding, not going to throw 2 years of sobriety out the window!)

Will keep you all posted if I make it through the night!

Wish me luck!