Yesterday I was out and about , travelling as per usual when I found myself hungry, thirsty and in front of my favourite place on Earth! The BUX! This was on my menu

A veggie girl’s dream! A bento style box of Brie and almonds and flaxseed crackers ! HELL YEAH! To wash that bad boy down I paired it with a lovely Skinny Lactose Free Earl Grey Tea Latte, oh yes I did! I am one high maintenance chick! I know you know my how much I heart the Bux, I am sure I have shares in the company, or should have! I guess I can always argue that I do not drink,smoke or have fun, so this is my weakness and I own it!

On a side note, returned to my other fav place tonight , Gym, and yes there was some serious gym time hotness! Unfortunately it came into play after the run was completed, my dear sweet friend and I made laps and laps around the gym just to ensure their was adequate viewing time of such hotness! I do so love Gym, it is such a positive place and it makes me happy, sleepy and tore right up most days!

That’s all I got for ya tonight peeps, hope I can enlighten more tomorrow!


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