So I went out on the town last eve for my work Xmas party and it was OK.. yeah , just OK… They served up a prime rib dinner for those meat eating folk, but my friends at the table had a huge piece of what looked like a giant mudflap of beef… Blah.. it was all rare and gross.. thank god they served a vegetarian option because my stuffed red pepper looked way more appetizing than theirs! I watched as they passed the decadent cheesecake dessert to all of us , drooling, and yes I tasted it.. divine! Then the dance started and the crowd had weeded down to a few folk and I knew it was time to jet, nothing beats being home from a party and in jammies by 11pm! That to be is a successful party. But I thought I would share with you a photo of myself , I received many a compliment last evening from my work peeps that I do not see on a daily basis. It was great to hear all their words of encouragement and praise, makes me keep going on this journey. So here it is

16 months post op, 121 lbs gone and feeling fit, fab and fantastic!
Hope everyone feels this AWESOME!!!

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