Ok , it’s only been 2 days since I was last at the gym but I have not really been participating like I should have. The last few days I have been lazy, eating crap and just not pushing myself, and the scale shows it, 6lbs up! WTF!! So today I decided to motivate myself and make a plan! I made sure my gym bag was in my car and had a set time to arrive at Gym. All the plans lined up like the Heaven’s and I made it on schedule. I did my 30 min run but felt compelled to keep going so I fired that bad boy back up for another 11 min, so in total today I ran 3.22 miles in 41 minutes that included a 10 min warm up cool down.. not too bad for newbie runner. However, I was a tad freaked out because I just had a spray tan the day before and was fearful bronzer was running down my face as I ran, that would have been a Snooki moment for sure! Tan is in place and now I feel great and ready to dance my pants off at my work Christmas party Saturday evening, that will be some good cardio!

I always like to see what other post op menu’s look like and see if I am stacking up! Protein wise I’m not on target since abandoning the meat wagon 5 weeks ago! I need to work on that, seriously! Today my menu was kind of like a 5 year old’s! I had a grilled cheese for breakfast(which I have been obsessed with for a week?) lunch was noodles in a vegetable broth and dinner was cheese tortellini with a marinara sauce… Can you say CARB OVERLOAD! Where’s the veggies Inkdgirl? Bad Bad me, I know and funny thing is I was craving stir fried veggies all day, but after coming home from Gym , I did not want to go back out to get em! Tomorrow marks a new day, one that will be less carb heavy(cuz I’m not training for a marathon) more vegg heavy and will still include pickles and cheese! Tonight I’m definately snacking as my dinner was probably only a 1/4 cup of pasta.. the plan … I will be knuckles deep in some guac and owning it!

So cheers to a good night my friends!