Hmm, this is a tough one. I am NOT a baker, if you ask my children they will tell you I am not much of a cook either! This will be the first year my mom is not going to be here for the holidays, going to visit my Bro, and I will be fully responsible for all the sweet delicious treats! I myself do not eat sweets due to the massive amounts of sugar they contain and my huge dumping syndrome issue. So, I think I will attempt to make some healthier options for the family that I too can indulge in. I am very good at replacing the sugar in recipes with different choices that render them still consumable! I also will be hitting up the local shops for those pre packaged delish little gems for the kidlets!

I did forget to upload a photo of the lovely Soy Nog Latte creation I posted about days ago, but I must say it was delightful! I returned to the grocery store and they also carried a Mint Chocolate Soy Drink, so guess who’s creating a peppermint mocha with that- THIS GIRL! I thank Starbucks each and everyday for making the Christmas Blend Via packs, they are a life saver and they keep me sane in the mornings!

So if my holiday dessert creations turn out Good, I will post photos, but if you see no further posts on holiday treats, consider it an EPIC FAIL!


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  1. Personally, since I dislike (and can't/don't) bake, I would either buy something or simply tell everyone they're out of luck. But I have a small fam.

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