Product Review, but not in a good way! So very sorry for my honesty but this tasted horrible! I really really wanted a BLT for supper tonight so I used this product for the “B” part—-(sorry but I couldn’t spin pic)

I just can’t eat this stuff… Nor can I eat Tofu with a straight face… I’m really struggling with the protein part of this plant based lifestyle, give me a bowl of veggies or salad and I’m satisfied, but I know this is not enough. I need to incorporate more beans into my meal plan and that is okay because I love them! If anyone has any suggestions to make me like this stuff, go for it, but I think for now I will stick to the veggies,cheese and pickles! I’m still baby stepping into veganism, seeing as I am still so very much in love with cheese! I applaud all of you who can cook with it, eat it and overall enjoy it.. Kudos! I am not going back to meat though people, I will still be a veggie girl!