Yup, you know the one, full makeup , no sweat, and chatting up a storm with my workout buddy! I am totally ok with it too! I had every intention of just doing a lift session, but I hopped on Treadmill for a whopping 15 min and did an amazing 1.18 miles… whew.. what a workout.. lol! I even carried on a lengthy full conversation while on Treadmill! So I did eventually end up in the weight room and put on a great gunshow! Thanks Jamie Easson for all the tips and insight on weight training sessions, you are my inspiration. The diet has not been bad lately, I’m currently obsessing on Vegetarian Egg Rolls, no idea why? I have been meat free for 3 weeks this Saturday, happy anniversary to me!

Seeing as today is Dec 1 , my Xmas tree has gone up and so comes the countdown—– 24 more days till I take the damn thing down! I love the season, but come Dec 25, I’m out! It’s over! Bah Humbug.. yah yah whatever!

Well that’s all I got !