Ok peeps, November is a great month ,mostly because I myself have a birthday as well as my future husband Chad Kroeger( He has not been informed of our upcoming nuptials yet!). I do have to say though , I am glad to get this month over. Bring on the Xmas parties, Decorating and Christmas cheer!

Mostly though I am ecstatic to see the end of MOVEMBER, why you ask? Never in my life have I seen this much 70’s porn star staches and it looks ridiculous on many men! There is only one man that rocks the MO

THIS GUY!!! He is the epitomy of masculine sexiness with facial hair. I must also put a plug in for Blue Bloods which is one of my favourite shows ever,besides Y&R of course.

So with that being said, ladies hand over the razors to your man and lets lose the stache!

Whew! Bring on December!