I must say, motivation was at an all time low today. It was rainy, dreary and cold,but I knew I needed to get there because I have a mileage goal I want to attain. Once at the gym I started my run and was pacing quite well , then the power goes out, treadmill DEAD STOP.. Inkdgirl Almost face plants the monitor! Not cool! Ok , all is good, teeth check, none missing, power boots back up and we proceed with the start of run 2, 8 minutes into it, BAM! power out again… Ok gods of running why must you do this to me! I then start run attempt 3 and I actually finished.. I believe I was able to get about 3.6 miles in and felt great.I am now running at 6.0 mph which is awesome for me as a newbie runner.. I will improve , I will get better I can do this!

Eating has been very sporadic for me lately, with the change to a plant based diet I am just not so hungry till 8pm. I get my protein in everyday with at least 70 gr a day. I do one recovery shake GNC Whey Kool which is a product you know I highly recommend, no dairy shakes for this lactose intolerant chick!

Not sure if I mentioned it but I found some Soy Nog yesterday and I forsee a lovely Egg Nog Latte in my travel mug tomorrow! Big shout out to Starbucks for making the Via Christmas blend coffee… I am in love!

I’m hoping to start some new soup recipes and adding some new food porn to the blog, I am an epic fail at posting food on here, but my Facebookpages have a ton of it.

Hope my adventures in life can make one smile and remember, be positve all the time, be happy, stay focused and remember Good Things Happen To Good People!

Cheers to my people!