It has been a week since I entered my favorite place on earth, NO not Starbucks, Gym! Today my very good friend and I went at the  usual 230pm time slot because hockey hotties are always there at that time and we were not disappointed! Unfortunately I had been on Treadmill for 28 min already by the time the hunks entered the cardio/conditioning room and I was fading fast! So I marched on into the weight room because I like to lift heavy things ( preferably shopping bags!). My dear friend was still on the treadmill and promptly text me to let me know said hotties were about to work out, well Inkdgirl needs that kind of motivation, so back on Treadmill I go for another 15 min of labour intensive running with many intervals! I need to look good while trying to run, despite the huge wet circle of sweat under my breast ,which looked like I was lactating from only one boob! Remember, I have 3 children but all are over 7, it’s just sweat boys! I do not know what gets you going to the gym, but young male hockey players work for me. So I guess the moral of this little story is…. Whatever it takes to get you to the gym , just get going!

After about an hour of rest time from today’s run/weight session I have decided that stronger meds will be on the menu tonight! I’m so sore! I thought I did well shopping last week, but taking a week off from the gym is a NO NO! A 41 yr old woman tends to stiffen up!

On a side note for all you RNY’ers out there, READ LABELS!!! I did not do this tonight and paid for it royally! I had 1/2 cup of Vegetarian Baked beans, BAD IDEA!!! It had 14 grams of sugar… y’all know I’m a dumper and very very sensitive to sugar and this came back to bite me in the ass! I am usually very diligent about label reading , tonight was clearly an exception! Point noted Pouchie!

Calling it a night, medicating, lubing up the joints and hitting the hay!