So yesterday’s HINT HINT must have worked because the famjam took mama out for a lovely dinner. Had my favourite Mediterranean Veggie Pizza, ate 1 piece and brought the rest home (breakfast!). We then headed out to the Santa Claus parade, in the pouring rain, but i timed it perfectly.. The old guy was just pulling up as we got there, parade over, let’s jet!

Definitely hit up my local SBUX 4358 for my free birthday drink, which was of course a Grande Skinny Lactose Free Earl Grey Latte! Fo Sho! I picked up an ornament too, just had too it seemed so appropriate seeing as I heart Starbucks so much!

Started with the Xmas decorations today, but still no tree yet. I refuse to put one up prior to Dec 1,seeing as I take it down by 10am Xmas day!
Overall, a good relaxing kinda day with my favorite peeps!

Thanks kids!