I absolutely had to post this scale victory! I weighed myself this am and I am down 5lbs since Wednesday(the day we left for the US). That makes my total weight loss to date 121 lbs,making it only 19 more to get to my goal! I just had my visit with my surgeon and they are so pleased with my success. Being that I had a revision they stated that I may not lose like a newbie RNY’er. I am over 76% Estimated weight loss and I am lower than his goal weight of 168! Today I am 159! It has been awhile since I have seen the 150’s. Here’s the catcher- I was on holidays, it was Thanksgiving and I shopped my butt off, so I now qualify shopping as exercise! I guess my body was totally ok with missing the gym for a few days! It has also been 2 full weeks meat free and I feel phenomenal, I guess since my body does not have to work hard at processing decaying flesh it is happy. I managed to get through Turkey day with the turkey! Mind you I was never a fan!
I wanted to share with you an amazing recipe I whipped up today in like 10 min, and I must say it was the BOMB! I will not post pics because my pics always look like shit and the meal isn’t especially appealing looking but it tastes like Heaven!

Crockpot Broccoli Soup
Cut up 1 onion, throw in crock
add 2 bags of frozen broccoli
cut up 4-5 potatoes skin removed
3-4 tbsp flour
6 cups of skim milk
and a package of dry mix cream of broccoli soup mix.
salt and pepper to taste
handful of grated cheddar

Put on low and cook for 6 hrs!

Make sure you take a Lactaid for those that are lactose intolerant !

Tomorrow is my birthday so Im cooking up a lovely roast beef dinner for the family, unless I get to go to my fav restaurant by surprise HINT HINT!!!

Ciao peeps!