Do you have “that person” , you know the one that thinks everything is against them. No matter how great your day is going , they walk in with all their negativity and suck the life right out of you! I am so trying to rid myself of those people, I am probably one of the most positive outgoing people I know, ask around, they will tell you the same. I am the life of the party, the entertainer the funny chick.. that girl that makes the party.. (and I am the sober one too!) . I call these negative people fun suckers, because that is what they do.. suck the fun outta everything. I like to surround myself with happy people, I personally feed off other people’s joy and feel I am a better person because of that! So to all of you that  have these life suckers around you, GET RID OF THEM!! Find yourself some fun, entertaining, happy, joyful people and get on out there and enjoy life!

On a lighter note, I am headed to the US tomorrow to see my surgeon , have Thanksgiving with my boy and shop my FLAT ASS off!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American peeps!

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