It has been a few days since I have graced the pages of ShrinkingInkdgirl, but that darn life keeps getting in the way! I went to college Open House with my son on Saturday, which was awesome and reminded me of those great college days, BUT, by the end of the visit all I could see was $$$$$$$. Sigh. Went on another Costco shopping trip and when I was at the butcher counter I was grossed out. This plant based diet is really opening my eyes, I have no desire to consume meat or fish again. I did however purchase those items for the family as they are not on board with my new lifestyle choice. My dear son is reading George Laroque’s bio and he mentioned he was a vegan and the movie “Earthlings” changed him! So , me and my love of documentaries felt the need to check it out… BAD IDEA… this film is graphic and very disturbing.. it is very good but I cannot deal with the topics it discusses, I was quite bothered by it and cannot get some of the images out of my head, and I only watched like 20 minutes of it!
So tonights menu consisted of roasted veggies and I made the family tilapia, I did not eat the fish though.. And I am suffering from a nasty eye contact dermatitis that has both eyes swollen shut , red and scally.. I am a mess!
That is all I got for now!