I am addicted to 2 things, really really badly ( piss poor grammar , but whatever!) Books and Latte’s. I cannot enter my local Starbucks 4358 without meandering over to the Chapters diet and food section. Today I finally got a copy of this book and my Santa wish list grew to include about 25 vegan cook books. I will devour this book tonight while curled up in my flannel sheets and complete solitude of my bedroom! I am sure after reading this I will just have to have the rest of Michael’s books, which I glanced over today! I will keep you posted on my review, which I’m sure will be a glorious one!

FYI- my current latte addiction is Grande Skinny Lactose Free Earl Grey Latte! I know I have not given up on milk or cheese yet! I can’t do it! Baby steps, memba!

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