I really really hate this piece of equipment, yet I am so controlled by it. Each and everyday I get up, pee and step on it, naked~! I hate to see it sit there staring at me with the same darn number everyday. I am in a huge plateau right now. After my hernia surgery I lost weight because I was pretty sure I was dying! In reality I know that this scale thing is just an emotional tool used to make us addicts feel depressed and think we need to starve ourselves for the day. I will be the first one to admit that at 3 weeks post op RNY , when I plateaued, that this was it! I will never lose another pound! My foolish thoughts took over and I ran am muck thinking negative thoughts, but low and behold the damn thing moved again. I experienced my next HUGE stall at 6 months post op, I stalled for 2 solid months. I was devastated because I was still 190lbs, there was no way this was it! So now , sitting at 165lbs, but insanely healthy, happy and FIT , I know that this is not IT! The stupid thing will move when it’s ready and yes I am losing inches because my pants are always hanging off my arse like a teenage boy who thinks he’s gangsta! So please I beg of you , put it away and only look at it once a month. ( *smirks knowing that I so totally will not follow my own advice).On a side note, I”ve logged 9.4 KM’s since Monday , running my lil arse off! My pace is picking up and I just feel so good post run. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a burst of endorphins flowing through you! Have a fantastic day!

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