I just have to say that I feel absolutely fantastic today! I went back to my old love, Treadmill. We made up and I’m so happy we are friends again. I must admit though, I really really love to run outside, the fresh air, the darkness and looking into people’s home at night keeps me entertained, but, today I ran like a good little hamster on the treadmill. It felt awesome, no knee pain at all. I even found I was pacing at 11 min/mile which is a goal of mine! After my little run session I wandered over to my other love, Weight room.! I did a few machines and some amazing arm workouts and for the rest of the day my endorphins were in overdrive! On a side note, my baby kitty who has been missing for 3 days returned home today, crying at the back door. It was like a Christmas miracle! Mini diva has been devastated that poor Sam Sam was in a coyote’s belly. Nope, he’s home now and on a leash! Seriously, she put a leash on him! Hope you all had a fabulous day like me! Stay postive people, good things come to good people!