THIS GUY! Yup I love you Anderson Cooper, I PVR his new talk show daily. He is the new O! His laugh makes me giggle and I have the biggest crush! He does all his shows with heart, amazing content and real stories that affect each and everyone of us! I just finished watching his Food Revolution Part 2, about a young girl who weighs in it 320lbs, and it really brings to light the desperate state we are in regarding childhood obesity. 1 in 3 teens are overweight? That is a scary statistic. Are we as parents to blame, I say yes! We are the ones who provide, cook and stock our kitchens. Please think about what you are buying the next time you enter the grocery store. SHOP THE PERIMETER of the store. There is nothing down the aisles that you need! Ok well maybe coffee ! However, what we as parents need to instill in our kids at an early age is that fruits and veggies are good! No you do not need to load them up with brown sugar to make them good either! I try each and everyday to include healthy meal items for my family and stick by the motto, If it wasn’t picked from a tree or pulled from the ground, don’t eat it! Ok enough preaching, here is my other obsession

My magazine subscriptions, I have about 12 yearly ones currently and you know what, I am ok with that! I do not drink,smoke or eat fast food so if this is my vice, I’ll take it! I am a voracious reader who devours as many books and articles I can get my hands on. I retain as much info as I can from these! I also love to collect recipes from these mag’s, there is a wealth of information in magazines that could change your life or lifestyle in general. So to the nay sayer’s who claim it’s a waste of money- I say BOO to you!   Ok , enough for now, I have some Anderson to catch up on!