So about a month ago I attempted to become vegan. The whole “if it had a face or a mother, don’t eat it”! I really believed it and I tried really hard. Meat and me aren’t friends really. I have trouble eating most meats, eggs are not my favourite, but I absolutely love cheese and cannot give it up. I also love shrimp and fish. I absolutely applaud all those that can maintain a Kind diet. I have weeded out meat from my diet and do eat very little of it, but i worry about my protein consumption, seeing as I do not do milky protein shakes. If I could live on cheese and pickles for life I’d be set, but that is just not realistic. I would love to hear from any vegans reading this post to give me some guidance in upping my protein , FYI I do not like tofu. I love fresh fruit , veggies and greek yogurt (with a side of lactaid!) So please feel free to leave me a comment to help out, I thank you all in advance!

PS.. I did run #3 tonight and managed to do 1.98 miles in 24 min with a pace of 12;16/mile. That is 2 full min of my first run.. I am a runner now, I CAN DO THIS, and so can you !

Cheers peeps!

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