I really really despise all milky type protein shakes, which is good because my surgeon frowns upon them! I am to eat my protein NOT drink it, as it has been beat into my head over and over again, every post op visit! However, in the hot summer months I do enjoy the odd Click shake with a shot of sugar free Davinci peppermint syrup.. made of course with lactose free skim milk.. But that is the only milky type shake I will drink and seriously peeps this happens maybe 5 times all summer long. What I do absolutely LOVE and drink almost daily , post work out is this baby

GNC Whey Kool lemonade flavour.. Stats are per 1 scoop  90 cal, 1.4g carbs, 0.7 g sugar and 21 g protein… HOLA!!!! I mix this up in my 24oz Camelback bottle with a Crystal Light ( any flavour) and it is fantastic! Post work out it is refreshing and tastes great, I also love the 21 grams of protein too! So for all of you post op’s who do not tolerate milky shakes, give this one a try.. I bet you’ll like it!

Happy workout!