I heart pizza, all kinds, all toppings, all shapes. I was not going to give this little piece of heaven up post op, no way Jose! Fortunately for me, my 2 oldest children work in an awesome pizza place and custom make my pies! There are times when my pizza urge hits and Inkdgirl must make her own Za! So I make these

FLATOUT PIZZA’S! These bad boys rock! Every trip I make south of the border I grabs copious amounts of these wraps! We here in Canada do not have them ( HINT HINT FLATOUT PEOPLE!!!) so I stock up! I also stock up on Price Choppers pasta sauce as it has the lowest sugar content, I use this as my sauce. Then load up the pizza with turkey pepperoni, lots of cheese and tons of onions and peppers! Note, Feta makes a pizza perfect! I like to toast my wrap a bit in the oven at 400 minus the toppings, for crispiness! Then I add whatever my fridge has in it, but never ever do I put chicken on my pizza, that to me is WRONG! Hope you enjoyed today’s food porn and I’m going home to make me a pizza~!