So happy to have found this! Yes for all of you living in the USA this is probably something you have had forever, but here in good ole Canada, we take some time getting the goods! This is what I’m talking about

Single serve Danone Oikos  Greek yogurt with blueberries. 90 calories,2g fat, 12 g carbs , 12g sugar(eek) but 8 g protein! Boooyeah I’ll take it! For those of you who are lactose intolerant post op ( LIKE ME) I make sure and take a Lactaid prior to consumption. The sugars were quite high and I was in fear of dumping, but I did NOT dump from this(I am a huge dumper!) So these little gems will find themselves in my cooler for lunches or snacks! I’m eating one as we speak before I head to the gym for a nice lift session! 

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