Started the Live Fit program today and I am so obsessed with lifting heavy things! I love that feeling of pushing my muscles to the limit. The endorphins were on high alert post workout! It also helped that our local hockey team was there working out, nothing beats a little eye candy whilst working out. I did do some cardio today even though the plan doesn’t call for it yet, but again, rules are meant to be broken , RIGHT.. I have a really hideous pic that I may as well post of the gun show!

Sorry, I could not flip the photo.. technology sucks! I am so rockin my large scar on my tummy too! Not afraid to show that, I had 4 huge hernias repaired in July that had me grounded for 8 weeks, I was a mess, no going out at all due to the 2 drains I had to cart around with me.

But once I got clearance from the surgeon, I was at the gym! Doing cardio, but not anymore.. I love to lift so I will add progress pics weekly, lets do this Mondays Inkdgirl!

Sounds like a plan peeps!
Keep it up and” if you ain’t sweatin, you ain’t workin hard enough”!!!